Cat_FinalFolks can spot somebody “cool”. Not counterfeits, like the cocky jock masking insecurity or the greasy hipster generating image. But a person who is entirely themselves, true to their nature in every manner. One who makes their own code and lives by it unapologetically. Maybe that person is the misunderstood actor who smokes aloofly, drives cars fast, and dies young. Or maybe it is someone closer to home, like the stoic girl tending the neighborhood bar. Either way, they stand out. They are often emulated. And they are rare.

But then there is the very rarest of cool. A type of person few of us ever get to see: one who lives by their own mantra, but still includes and cares for those around them. They exercise virtues that transcend simple cool. Traits like honor, integrity, or the one I witnessed, forgiveness.

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