As I’m sure you’ve noticed, I haven’t written in a while. This will change next week with a series of new stories that will start in a week or two.

Why haven’t I been writing? I am producing and hosting a new television series called What Could Possibly Go Wrong? for the Science Channel. You can check it out here: The entire season – ten, 1-hour episodes – will be simulcast on Science Channel and Discovery Channel. The show premiers Saturday, February 7 at 10pm.

Please watch!

And expect new stories soon!




  1. Hey Kevin,

    Awesome deal, good for you! Best of luck to you on this new series. Ann, Anthony and I will be watching. Nice title too.

  2. Deadset..I saw that show being i know who the host is I’ll probably watch it..good on you.

    • Hey! We already have your show programmed in our DVR. Can’t wait. My kids think it’s so awesome that I know someone famous and cool like you. :) Thanks for upping my street cred. Congrats on the new show!


  3. No need to apologize. Your writings are worth waiting for. I’ll be sure to watch your Science Channel series.

  4. Kevin, thank you for the heads up. I’m very much looking forward to the new series and will set my DVR, unless we can watch online at any time.

    Good luck!!!

    Yours in the bond,
    David J. Akers

  5. Not only am I watching it, I’m having a “Premier Party”!

    Good luck Kevin, and as they say in show business “Break a leg”

  6. We can’t wait!!

  7. Looking forward to the show and new blog posts!

  8. Looking forward to the shows and the stories. Always a good read! I’ve finally settled down here in N.C. and one of the first things to go up on the wall in my “man cave” was the framed front page of my favorite story you sent me when I returned from the ‘stan. I will always treasure it, thanks again!

  9. Oh, cool! I was wondering when you’d have a new post just the other day. Sadly I don’t have cable, think it’ll ever be on Netflix? Good luck with it!

  10. I feel asleep on my couch the other night, and I woke up to your goofy ass on T.V. in a commercial for What Could Possibly Go Wrong?
    Congrats Kevin!!! That’s awesome, looks like it’s a lot of fun!


    Holy f**k!!! You and Grant on a show together???!!! Makes the title even more appropriate! Definitely will be watching. Good to see you back on the tv, Kevin!