The FamilyKevin Moore has been building and riding motorcycles for 25 years. More importantly, he loves to write about bikers and the crazy things that happen along on the road. He’s 40, married to the lovely and talented Elizabeth, and has a boy named Gage.

Kevin’s jobs have included: sunday maker at Dairy Queen, fence & deck builder, cemetery grounds keeper, hoagie & steak schlep in Philadelphia where he was born, river sediment digger, bar back, grunt for G21 online magazine, package sorter on the graveyard shift under a tiny boss with a mullet and Napoleon complex, radio DJ, forklift driver, welder, pizza delivery guy, parking lot attendant, livestock counter under military flight paths, and nude model. All these jobs passed the time and paid the bills until he become a professional geek. And after entirely too much schooling, he settled in California as a scientist.

Kevin has hosted several TV show for National Geographic and PBS, and is now hosting and producing What Could Possibly Go Wrong? for The Discovery Network.