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Grant in the desert







Sturgis 2012 old-timey picture





























Gage eyeing an ironhead sporty










A boy and his chop








Our first family ride
















A moron in the desert








Buddies are always there







Gilby doing what he does best










Riki “The Body” Rachtman










My boy Gage driving with his grandma Jo











In front of the Lusk Free Press







Did somebody say they need a cowboy?








A junkie getting his fix








Elizabeth and Gage










Sturgis 2010 old-timey picture














Having a bit too much fun










What happens in Mexico, stays in Mexico










One moron, one bike and one desert








Kick starting in flip-flops








Everyone lean right!















The chubby kid that climbed Fritchie’s Run
























Gage and pops in the shop










David vs. “Das Boot”










No, that is not his bike








Hank and mom doing what they did best








Getting ready for the Cocktagon