These are the characters in current or upcoming stories. Some you may know, others you may not. So here is the rundown:

Gilby Clarke

Former guitarist for Guns n’ Roses
History buff and keeper of maps
Has a French bulldog named “Chopper”



Riki Rachtman

Then: Headbanger’s Ball. Now: NASCAR!
Most energetic man in the known universe



Grant Reynolds

The coolest of us all
Unsurpassed fashion sense and shooting abilities
Keeper of the peace



David Perry

Apparel Guru
Former member of Her Majesty’s Royal Navy



Taime Downe

Faster Pussycat
A lady’s man




Caleb Owens

Bike builder extraordinaire
Rocks the “soul patch” like no man




JD King

Born to the wrong decade
Quiet intellectual




Hank the Great Dane

Passed away last year
Best dog ever




Grandma Ann

The first lady rider of the family
Traveled right up to her death; loved life





My son
He’s cute due entirely to his mother’s genes




Elizabeth my wife

Lovely and talented
Highly motivated
Ruler of the roost




The Clarke family French Bulldog